Free $10 Uber Credit/Promo Code

[Full disclosure: When you sign-up on Uber using the link below and use the service, I will receive $10 of Uber credit.]



Uber provides car service (taxi, black car or suv) at competitive prices. Taxi rates are normal rates + 20% gratuity. Black cars and SUVs have higher rates, which varies by city. You can use Uber in over 30 cities including Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Boston.

I’ve used Uber for a few weeks and it is pretty slick. I usually request the cab on my Android app and the cab usually comes within 2-3 minutes. Once I get off the cab, my credit card on file is billed automatically. The only downside is that the tip cannot be changed, but at the end of the ride you get to rate (1-5 stars) the driver.

Update: On my last cab ride, the driver told me Uber charges them 10% commission.

If you sign up HERE, you will receive $10 of free credit (I get $10 too, thanks!). Use code: uberpromocode10 is not directly affiliated with Uber. The full terms and conditions of this promotion are mandated by the company and are published online at Promotion is subject to change.


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